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Corn Custard

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Step 1
3 Eggs
1.5T Melted Butter
3/8 Cup Heavy Cream
1.5 Cups Cooked Corn (pulsed in food processor)
Mix Together

Step 2
1.5 Cups Cooked Corn (whole kernels)
1.5T Flour
1/2 Cup Sugar
3/4T Minced, Seeded Jalapeno
Mix Together

Step 3
Mix Step 1 Into Step 2 to Incorporate

Step 4
Butter and Flour 6 4oz Ramekins (or other small baking dish)

Step  5
Fill Ramekins with Mixture

Step 6
Bake in Oven at 350F for 30-50 Minutes or Until Set, in a Hot Water Bath